Using SkipIRC

From SkipIRC

For Experienced IRC Users

Connect to on port 6667, or 6697 with SSL. See /nickserv help for information on services. Our web client is The Lounge.

For New IRC Users

Please read the Chat Guide written by SCP and SkipIRC staff. Once you've done that, you can connect to The Lounge and start chatting!

VIP Lounge

The VIP Lounge is an instance of The Lounge with some additional much-requested features enabled. Connections are persistent, logging into multiple devices at once is fully supported, and users can get notifications on their browsers and smartphones.

The VIP Lounge will have an occasional maintenance window, specifics TBD. (Basically we'll set a regular time to do disruptive maintenance like restarting the server, with advance notice.)

Signing Up

VIP Lounge access is available on request! Send an email to with your desired nickname, and we'll register VIP Lounge and NickServ accounts for you and email you a temporary password. (This is not linked to Wikidot, so email addresses containing numbers are fine.)